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  • Open or Close How much does GoDogGo Cost?

    The price for GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine is $149.99
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    The price for GoDogGo JUNIOR Fetch Machine is $134.99
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  • Open or Close What is the difference between the Standard G4 and the Smaller JR.?

    The primary difference between the two machines are the size and launch distance. The G4 at 16.75” height can launch 1.75” - 2.5” balls up to 45+ feet depending on the type of ball. The newest member of the family - The GoDogGo JR. will launch balls 1.5” - 2.25” from 12-40+ feet and stands at a 13.75” height.
    G4 & JR Fetch Machines are both recent introductions with a few new features.

    1. NEW 4-Second Time Setting for an even faster game of fetch! G4 has 3 Time Settings of 4, 7 & 15 seconds.

    2. Most quiet sounding GoDogGo yet. With the newly designed gear/motor the windup sound has been great reduced to below 67dB. Please understand GoDogGo still has the launch “thwack” as hit makes connection with the ball.

    3. NEW Curved Bucket offers beautiful ergonomic design for the modern dog & its owner. Wider lip allows for easy transport to desired fetch location.

    4. NEW height on the Standard G4 of 15 3/4” side height & 16 5/8” front/back height allows for easier bucket return of small to medium breed dogs. (JR. model height is 13.75 inches tall.)

    5. NEW Universal Switching Adapter 100-240V AC. Switching power supply works almost anywhere in the world to power GoDogGo. US product has North American plug but can be used with travel plug outside North America.

    G4 to Jr size comparison graphic

  •  Where can I buy GoDogGo?Open or Close

    In the US GoDogGo, Inc is the exclusive retailer See GoDogGo FetchMachine here>
    GoDogGo is also available for shipping to countries outside the United States when purchased directly from our company;
    For outside the USA please see the following Authorized Independent Resellers - Europe - NenaDog EUR
    Australia / New Zealand - GoDog AUS OR TennisWarehouse AUS
    United Kingdom / Great Britain - Find Me A Gift Read More on our International Sales Page >

  •  How long has GoDogGo been on the market & does it carry any endorsements or patents?Open or Close

    WWe at GoDogGo, Inc are proudly in our 17th year of producing the revolutionary and patented GoDogGo Fetch Machine for dogs. We are the Makers of the First Automatic Ball Launcher for designed specifically Dogs. GoDogGo has been continuously updated and modernized over the years with only the best quality components available. GoDogGo is certified with UL, CE, RoHS and CL certifications. Read More on our International Sales Page > GoDogGo, Inc has received numerous awards and accolades over the years and is a proud member of APPA - The American Pets Products Association >

  •  Do you ship internationally and how much does it cost?Open or Close

    GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine automatic dog ball thrower is available through theses Authorized Independent Resellers. Read More on our International Sales Page > GoDogGo is also available for shipping to countries outside the United States when purchased directly from our company; see International Sales information on the right. All Wholesale Product Sales Inquiries should be made directly to GoDogGo, Inc.

  •  Can GoDogGo be used with my breed of dog?Open or Close

    GoDogGo has proven to be "Dogs Best Friend" to many types of breeds and sizes of dogs from small to large. With GoDogGo's ability to be adjusted for distance and time intervals, most dogs that are fetch crazy can find the benefits it offers through exercise and entertainment. In addition we now offer a large assortment of Fetch Balls that will fit the needs and desired size for your ball-crazy pup. See our Products Page here >

  •  What is the size of GoDogGo?Open or Close

    GoDogGo® automatic ball launcher is easy to move and store at approximately 15x13x17.5" and 11 pounds in weight.
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    Quick Start Guide:
    Select power type: AC Adapter or Battery power
    Adjust launch distance (Low, Med, High) to launch ball up to 40+ft
    Set launch interval @ 7 or 15 seconds
    Fill bucket or use only1 ball depending on fetch style
    Choose your dog's style of play:
    Continuous launching/fetching @ 7 or 15 second intervals when bucket fully loaded
    Use a single ball for return to wide-mouth bucket for independent dog fetch
    Owner controlled launching with remote control to play along or for behavior training
    GoDogGo Size Chart

    GoDogGo Jr. Size Chart

  •  Is GoDogGo Automatic?Open or Close

    Yes! GoDogGo is totally AUTOMATIC. Once you turn the unit on it may be set to run endlessly until your pup is pooped or intermittently with the remote control. It is not necessary to use the remote however to operate your GoDogGo.

  •  How do I train my dog to use GoDogGo?Open or Close

    Many dogs quickly learn to return the ball to the inside of the bucket. This allows for continuous fetch so your dog can play with or without you. Others prefer to load the bucket full and simply return the balls to the front of the machine. We include training tips with your owners manual as well as on our next page. Either way, Go Dog Go automatic ball thrower machine will provide hours of fetch fun!

  •  Is GoDogGo safe for use with my dog?Open or Close

    Please follow our simple safety rules below for hours of fetching fun for both you and your dog. GoDogGo® ball launcher is not a child's toy and balls launch at high speeds. It is recommended to monitor your dog's waiting location and to teach your dog where to stand upon first use. Do not touch the safety sensor or kicking mechanism when the machine is on. Never allow your dog to take from or replace a ball to the launch pocket area.

  •  How far does GoDogGo launch the ball?Open or Close

    GoDogGo comes with 3 Distance settings - Standard G4 Launches 12 - 45+ ft* based on ball type, brand, size & condition. GoDogGo JR. Launches balls 12’-40+ based on ball type, brand, size & condition.

    **See the following Ball Chart > types and Distance rating.

    GoDogGo is not intended to launch the ball as far as by hand or a hand-held launcher
    GoDogGo Fetch Machine is specifically designed for repetition of play and independent dog fetch when desired or owner-controlled play with remote. We often hear that dogs get tired much faster when fetching with GoDogGo than with other methods of fetch and ball play. Remote use is optional and not necessary for independent dog fetch.

  •  How many balls fit into the bucket of GoDogGo?Open or Close

    17 standard tennis balls - 2.5" and 23 small – 1.5” fit into the G4 GoDogGo. 23 - 1.5" small tennis balls fit into the New GoDogGo Junior.
    GoDogGo DOES NOT work with 3” or 4” inch balls. “Refer to Ball Chart”

  •  What size of balls and types of balls does GoDogGo use?Open or Close

    GoDogGo can be used with many ball types and sizes depending on your dog's preference, type of play, desired launch distance and conditions of play area. “Refer to Ball Chart” GoDogGo DOES NOT work with 3” or 4” inch balls.

  •  Can GoDogGo be used indoors?Open or Close

    Yes, many customers use GoDogGo G4 indoors with balls that have a lower launch height & distance. In the G4 Fetch Machine, the GoDogGo HeavyWeight Tennis Ball is used by many customers indoors.
    See below for more ball recommendations for indoor use.
    Various balls can be used to achieve a lower launch height & distance to accommodate for indoor or extra small yard use. Note: A standard tennis ball, pressurized tennis ball, lightweight or high bounce results in a 10’+ launch height and will hit most ceilings.

    GoDogGo JUNIOR is designed with a lower launch height and distance so many balls will have a launch height less than 9’. With a minimum launch height of 9* feet and 12-30+ feet, the JR is a good choice for indoor and outdoor use for dogs that use balls less than 2.5”. *Launch height is based on using the machine on low setting and with 1.875” HeavyWeight GoDogGo ball.
    BALL EXAMPLES to REDUCE LAUNCH DISTANCE & HEIGHT on LOW Setting (Distances are approximate and vary depending on inner spring tension tolerance):

    1. G4 Use: GoDogGo HeavyWeight tennis ball or comparable weighted thick walled tennis ball 2.5" = 15' distance/6-7’ height.
    2. JR Use: GoDogGo HeavyWeight tennis ball or comparable weighted thick walled tennis ball 1.875" = 18' distance/6-7’ height.

      Balls below for use in G4 model:
    3. Chuckit Tennis Ball (heavy weight tennis ball or comparable) 2.5"/ = 11' distance/less than 6' height on LOW SETTING
    4. Kong Rubber Ball 2.5" rubber ball with hole on each end = 10' distance/4' height on LOW; 14' distance/5' height on HIGH.
    5. Chuckit Rebounce Ball MED rubber ball = 15' distance/ 7' height on LOW SETTING
    6. Tuff Industrial Strength Tennis Ball (or comparable) 2.5" / thick-walled heavier weight ball = 11' distance/less than 6' height on LOW SETTING
    7. Westpaw Designs Jive Ball 2.6" Small - 12' distance/4’ height
    8. RuffDawg The Ball - 2.5" / heavy solid rubber ball = 13' distance/4.5' height on HIGH Setting
    9. Buddy Glow Ball = 14' distance/6-10' height
    10. ProPenn Tip 2 trainer tennis ball = 18' distance/8' height
    11. Planet Dog RecycleBall = 9' distance/6' height
    12. Planet Dog Rubber Golf Ball - 19' distance/8' height
    13. Kong Air Squeaker 2.5" - 20' distance/10’ height

    Various balls, even different brands & styles of tennis balls result in different launch distances. For example, a dog tennis ball will not launch as far as a new can ball for court use. A used (canned) court tennis ball will not launch as far as a new canned court tennis ball. Heavy, more solid balls (thick-walled tennis balls or solid rubber balls) & a non-pressurized ball will not launch near as far or high as a standard tennis or rubber ball. You can also use a rubber ball that is hollow inside without air and has holes in it to GREATLY reduce the launch distance.The BACK SIDE of GoDogGo can also be RAISED 1/2" -1 1/2" with a 1x4", book, etc. which will slightly reduce the launch height.
    NOTE: Standard tennis balls, small tennis balls, or high bounce balls are not recommended for indoor use in the G4 Fetch Machine

  •  What is the sound that GoDogGo makes?Open or Close


  •  Does GoDogGo work on batteries and how long do they typically last?Open or Close

    Each GoDogGo® G4 Fetch Machine runs on an AC Adapter and Battery Power. If using battery power, GoDogGo will run for approximately 25 hours on 6 D batteries depending on which distance setting you have chosen. The highest setting greatly reduces battery life.

  •  What is the warranty for GoDogGo?Open or Close

    Every new GoDogGo Fetch Machine comes with a 6-month Limited Warranty, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Please review our full warranty and policies on the Warranty and Policy > pages.

  •  Can I buy replacement parts for my GoDogGo?Open or Close

    Yes, we offer a full replacement parts list such as spring & pull-ring, kicker & pin as well as sensor switch, AC adapter and remote. Go to Warranty and Policy >

  •  What is your return policy?Open or Close

    Every new GoDogGo Fetch Machine comes with a 6-month Limited Warranty, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Please review our full return policy on the Warranty and Policy > pages.

  •  Is GoDogGo available in stores, through distributors or available for wholesale purchase?Open or Close

    GoDogGo is not sold in stores or available through distributors. GoDogGo is available outside the US for wholesale customers that meet our international wholesale standards. We proudly sell direct online through our GoDogGo Store with no middle man and no hassle, offering the lowest price with superior service to our customers & their ball-crazy dogs.
    Around the world, GoDogGo may currently be found through our partner resellers in Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia.
    Interested in International Wholesale purchase for sales outside the U.S.?
    Please contact GoDogGo at Provide your company information and interest in GoDogGo, we would be happy to contact you when sales opportunities arise.

  •  Can GoDogGo be used for Tennis?Open or Close

    Yes, we have many customers that regularly use GoDogGo as a instructional and practice tool. It works great for mid court volley as well as lob practice. GoDogGo after all is a "Real Tennis Ball Machine".

When using the G4 with a pressurized or hi-bounce ball, GoDogGo has a minimum launch height of approximately 12 feet. Many customers use GoDogGo G4 indoors by using a heavy and/or hollow ball that is not pressurized which will help to reduce the launch. Ball examples to reduce height/distance: Buddy Glow Ball–14' distance/6' height; ProPenn Tip 2 trainer ball-18' distance/8' height; Chuck it standard size Tennis Ball–11' distance/4' height; Planet Dog Recycle Ball–9' distance/6' height. **See the following Ball Chart >Ball Chart > types and Distance rating.

GoDogGo Junior is recommended for both Outdoor and Indoor use as it comes equipped with a lighter duty spring. When using the Junior indoors make sure to use the HeavyWeight Balls that come standard with the unit. These balls will launch to the maximum height of 9 feet.