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GoDogGo Company Information

It is recommended, but not required, that you register the unit's serial number for your new GoDogGo® RemoteFetch.

To register the serial number of your GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher, please send an email to and include the information requested below. The serial number of your new GoDogGo® RemoteFetch Machine will then be registered in our system.

Please include ALL information noted below:

ebay • GoDogGo, Inc. does NOT sell product on ebay or authorize retailers to sell GoDogGo® RemoteFetch on ebay. All inquires about product purchased on ebay should be made directly to the reseller. Product bought on ebay is not new product, therefore it is not covered under the 6-month warranty. The warranty applies to new merchandise, is non-transferable and valid to original purchaser only.

GoDogGo Contact Information

GoDogGo® comes with a LIFETIME Warranty on standard replacement parts. Replacement Parts available at no cost to customer; Shipping & Handling fees apply as seen below*.

Parts Kit

Kicker, Spring, Pin
& Pull-ring

Price: $0.00
*shipping & handling fee
Includes Replacement

Sensor Switch
Price: $0.00
*shipping & handling fee
Includes Replacement

  • Remote Control Units: Lost or damaged the HandRemote or need two Remote Controls? The HandRemote is available for the GoDogGo G3 Fetch Machine. The Remote Control replacement is compatible with the black & green G3 model only. For more information or to order, visit the HandRemote page.
  • AC Adaptor: Lost or damaged an adaptor? Replacement adaptors are available for purchase for any GoDogGo automatic ball thrower model. Find more information or to order, visit the AC Adaptor page.
  • Remote Batteries: Dead batteries? Replacement batteries are available for purchase, visit the Remote Batteries page.

GoDogGo Company Information
Covered Under Warranty:
  • 6-Month Manufacturer's Warranty on Workmanship and Defects in Materials
  • LIFETIME Warranty of the Spring, Kicker & Pin, Sensor Switch & Adjustment Ring
  • (these are standard replacement parts & sent to customer at no charge with instructions).
GoDogGo Remote Fetch Machine comes with a 6-month warranty on all workmanship and defects in materials from the original date of purchase with proof of purchase. GoDogGo comes with a LIFETIME warranty on the spring, kicking mechanism and pin, sensor switch, and adjustment ring. 6 -month warranty is non–transferable and valid to original purchaser only. Parts available for any GoDogGo regardless of original ownership. It is recommended to register the unit with serial number, but not required for the warranty to be in effect. Proof of purchase is required if unit was not registered in our system.

Not Covered Under Warranty:
Damages caused from pet, normal wear, improper use, overuse. Damages due to use in inclement weather, abuse, neglect and/or failure to perform routine care and maintenance. Accidental damages, consequential damages, incidental damages or expenses, including damages to property are not covered under the limited warranty.


Product Shipped to Canada, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom & South Africa:
Product shipped from the U.S. to countries outside of North America is also eligible for the standard replacement parts at no charge if needed. NOTE: The correct adaptor plug and power source equivalent to (Output) 9V DC 1000mA MUST be used. GoDogGo® also operates on battery power. GoDogGo® is not covered for product that fails due to an improper power source or use with a converter. GoDogGo should NOT be used with a power converter.

Replacement parts will be available at no cost or shipping to the consumer should they be needed in the future.

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