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GoDogGo Hand-Held Remote

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Every new GoDogGo Fetch Machine comes standard with 1 Remote Control. Ther replacement remote is available for purchase when you want a 2nd remote on hand or need to replace a lost remote. Note that remotes are ONLY AVAILABLE for GoDogGo model G4 Fetch Machines*. NOT available for G3 Fetch Machine or older model with a silver or blue base.

*Please provide your Fetch Machine's Serial Number in the order comments so the correct remote can be matched to your model GoDogGo.

Note: 1 Remote Control included standard with every GoDogGo Fetch Machine.

Operates with any GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine
Launches approximately 75 feet from unit
Convenient wrist strap
2 button cell batteries included
Shipping: If ordering alone select USPS only. If ordering a 2nd remote with GoDogGo, you may receive 2 shipments.