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GoDogGo HeavyWeight Tennis Balls


$4.99 - MED 2.5 Set of 3ADD to BAG

$4.49 - SML 1.9 Set of 4ADD to BAG

HeavyWeight balls are thick walled tennis balls designed for GoDogGo Fetch Machine.

Great for INDOOR* use on LOW distance setting due to low launch height, will not hit ceiling.
*Note: MEDIUM HeavyWeight ball recommended for indoor use with GoDogGo G4 (STANDARD / LARGE model). •SMALL HeavyWeight ball is recommended for indoor use with GoDogGo JUNIOR model ONLY*.
Small HeavyWeight ball is NOT intended for indoor use with the standard G4 model due to the higher launch height in the G4 Fetch Machine.

INDOOR / OUTDOOR use with GoDogGo Fetch Machine

COMPARE to Chuckit Tennis Ball

Non-compressable standard tennis ball size is a good option when a ball is desired for indoor use, small outdoor setting or for dogs that are TOUGH on standard tennis balls. The 2.5" ball has a launch height 6-7 feet and launch distance of approximately 15' on Low setting which is great for indoors or small fetch areas. On the high setting, the height is approximately 12 feet with a distance of 25 feet for outdoor or high ceiling use. A great ball for indoors or out for dogs that love to chew tennis balls.

HeavyWeight SMALL 1.9” - Compatible with GoDogGo G4 and Junior; not recommended for indoor use with the large model.

GoDogGo FetchBalls may soon become your dogs new favorite ball!

Note: Various ball styles, sizes, brands, condition & previous use of ball will yield different different distances.
Non-Toxic Dog Tennis Balls
Non-Wool Felt Covering
2 Sizes: 2.5" MEDIUM or 1.8" SMALL
Low Nap

HeavyWeight 1.9" ball is NOT recommended for indoor use.
Never allow your dog to use a tennis ball as a chew toy or shred a tennis ball. Always select the correct size ball for your dog to avoid choking.

GoDogGo can also be used with a variety of ball sizes 1.75"-2.5", as well as types such as the Chuckit Ultra Ball, Hyper Pet balls, Racket Balls, Tuff Ball, Spauldeen High Bounce Ball, Kong Air Squeaker balls, & more so your dog can fetch with his favorite ball.