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GoDogGo JUNIOR Fetch Machine

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GoDogGo Fetch Machine JR Automatic Dog Ball Thrower is
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Ball Size Use: JUNIOR model does NOT work with a Standard Size Tennis ball 2.5" or similar size balls. JR intended for use with balls 1.75" - 2.25"/racquet ball size. If your dog uses a ball similar to a standard tennis ball size please see Fetch Machine G4. The G4 is our top selling GoDogGo for small to large breed dogs.

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GoDogGo JUNIOR is the Fetch Machine designed for smaller breeds that fetch with balls smaller than a standard size tennis ball. NOTE: The JR model does NOT work with a ball the size of a standard size tennis ball. The JR has the same features as the larger G4 Fetch Machine but works with balls 1.75 - 2.25"; the large model G4 Fetch Machine works with balls 1.75 - 2.6". If your dog's preferred ball is a standard tennis ball, or similar in size then the larger G4 model is recommended. Select the appropriate size fetch play ball for your dog.

Same design as the G4 Fetch Machine with easy return ergo bucket, 3 time settings, 3 distance settings, remote control, safety arc, auto stop feature, different ball size use and more, it is easy to have the perfect game of automatic fetch. Set your dog's perfect rate of retrieval with either the 4, 7 or 15 second launch timing at low, medium or high distance. Various balls will yield different launch distances 12 to 35+ feet to meet your desired launch distance and use indoors or outside. Wide Mouth Ergo Bucket allows for easy dog ball return and is shorter on the sides. Use with 1 ball or multiple balls when bucket is fully loaded. Independent on demand dog fetch or owner-controlled play with the remote control feature. Safety Arc feature is exclusive to GoDogGo to keep dogs safe when playing automatic fetch. SAFETY ARC allows balls to launch upwards and out away from the dog; the Fetch Machine does not launch straight out of the launcher directly at a dog. GoDogGo operates on adapter and battery power for those days you want to play fetch at the park. Auto Stop feature so ball launcher will not run unless a ball is returned to bucket or in the launch ready position.

GoDogGo works with or without remote control; remote not needed when set for automatic play.

GoDogGo will NOT run or launch unless a ball is in the ready position.

INCLUDED with GoDogGo JR Fetch Machine:
*4 Tennis Balls x 1.8" but works with various brands, sizes and styles. Note that launch distance varies by balll style, brand, size, weight. Always select the appropriate size fetch play ball for your dog.
*Remote Control fro owner controlled play if desired use
*Power Cord AC Adapter
*Owner's Manual
*6-Month Warranty
*Standard Replacement Parts. S/H fee applies outside warranty period
*Highly recognized Customer Service & Product Support
*No Hassle 30 Day Return Policy: Simply request an RMA & a prepaid return shipping label will be issued via email. $25 Restock fee applies to Fetch Machine orders; there is no charge for original or return shipping. Restock fee deducted from Fetch Machine purchase price & refund processed within 3 business days of return. Should GoDogGo not work without for your ball-crazy dog we are happy to issue a no hassle return authorization, however most dogs love fetching with the Fetch Machine out of the box or within just a few introductory lessons. If you wish to return GoDogGo simply request an RMA 30 days from delivery.t

*3 Time Settings
*3 Distance Settings
*Remote Control to set time or launch ball at will as desired
*Wide Mouth Ergo Bucket for easy dog ball return
*Safety Arc Exclusive to GoDogGo Fetch Machine launches balls upwards & away from dog so ball will NOT launch straight at dog
*Auto Stop Feature for on demand play; will not run unless ball is loaded
*Operates on AC Adapter or Battery Power; adapter included.
*Ball Track System for use with 1 to 25 balls depending on ball size.
*Updated G4 Gear System offers our smoothest & quietest running Fetch Machine gear system.
*Works with Various Ball sizes 1.5" - 2.2" of different styles and brands such as Chuckit tennis and Chuckit Ultra Balls, Tuff Ball, Kong Ball, Squeaker balls, racquet balls and more. Note that distance will vary based on ball size, style, condition and brand. Always select the appropriate size fetch play ball for your dog.
*Indoor and Outdoor Use. For Indoor Use a ball similar to the GoDogGo HeavyWeight ball is recommended for a launch height less than 8'. Other balls can be used for indoors and we are happy to offer recommendations.


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