GoDogGo is designed with a SAFETY ARC for the safest game of automatic fetch. Safety Arc provides an upwards & out launching pattern for the safest game of automatic dog fetch. Balls will NOT shoot straight out from the machine at a dog or into their mouth when awaiting ball launch. Although many dogs hover & stand in front of GoDogGo while awaiting the launch, it is recommended to train a dog and humans to stand a minimum of 2 ft from front of unit while awaiting the next ball to fetch. Humans should never stand in front of GoDogGo when turned on.

With settings of 4, 7 & 15 seconds it is easy to meet a dog's perfect rate of retrieval & return for the desired type of use. For a dog’s safety, the shortest time interval between launches is 4 seconds which allows safe ball return before the next launch. GoDogGo Fetch Machine also offers owner controlled play when desired.

Use 1 ball for independent play when dog returns ball to wide mouth ergo bucket for continuous fetch OR load the bucket with multiple balls for continuous launching at selected time time. GoDogGo will only run when a ball is returned to the bucket or is loaded in the channel. Minimum launch time is 4 seconds which offers dog safety. Ball will NOT launch immediately upon ball return which can be dangerous to a dog. When using multiple balls it is recommend to use thee 7 or 15 second setting which will give a dog time to retrieve & return ball to the bucket or other designated area.

Remote Control can to select a time settings or to launch a ball at will for owner-controlled play. GoDogGo operates WITHOUT the remote when set for automatic play & is NOT NEEDED to operate the Fetch Machine.

GoDogGo has 3 distance settings of LOW, MEDIUM & HIGH for use Indoors & Outdoors in large & small fetch areas; select the Best Ball style for desired use. GoDogGo can be adjusted to launch approximately 10’+ on Low with HeavyWeight ball (standard GoDogGo G4 model) or on High up to 30-60' depending on ball style & size. NOTE: Launch distance varies depending on ball type, size, material & condition, outside air & ball temperature for pressurized balls.

GoDogGo G4 has longer launch distance & height overall then JUNIOR Fetch Machine.

GoDogGo is designed with a Safety Sensor with Auto Stop feature for on demand play. This allows for safe, independent dog fetch when desired. The sensor allows GoDogGo to only power up on demand only when a ball is loaded. The motor will not run continuously and will run when a ball is put back in play by returning it to the bucket.

Always train your dog to stand in a safe position, approximately 2 ft from unit while awaiting ball launch. Most dogs instinctively stand back from unit & quickly learn to respond to the sounds (with the happy dance, spins, heading out to fetch, etc) which have a Pavlov effect on many dogs. Train your dog the correct waiting position upon first use. Humans should not press down on the safety sensor or touch the kicker foot when turned on. After following simple safety & training practices, GoDogGo provides hours of endless fetching fun & exercise for ball-crazy dogs.

Multi Use design offers different types of play & ball usage for interactive, independent fetch or owner-controlled play for the best & safest game of fetch of any automatic ball launcher. Most dogs quickly learn to play with 1 ball* & return it to the wide-mouth bucket, while others prefer to return balls to the front of GoDogGo when playing with the bucket fully loaded with multiple balls**.

GoDogGo offers varied use for independent dog fetch OR owner-controlled play; single ball use, multi-ball use; indoor or outdoor play depending on ball style and machine. Note: JR Fetch Machine has a launch height typically under ceiling high when set on low. G4 standard GoDogGo works best for indoors when using the GoDogGo HeavyWeight ball, Chuckit Tennis Ball, Kong Rubber Ball, etc.

* Single Ball Use - Use 1 ball for independent fetch when your dog is trained to return the ball to the bucket or ball launch area. Simply turn on GoDogGo, select a time from control panel and as long as ball is returned to ball channel it will launch for continuous play.

** Multi Ball Use - Use multiple balls at once (different sizes and styles if desired) by loading the ball bucket with up to 25 balls for continuous launching at selected time time.

Total quantity depends on ball size. This is a good option if your dog prefers to return the ball to the front of the unit or other designated ball return area. When fully loaded GoDogGo will continue to launch at the desired time setting until the track is empty or your dog returns a ball to the bucket.

Random ball launching distances - To achieve varied launch distance (when set on 1 distance setting) use different sizes, styles & weights of balls. This will allow different balls to launch various distances to keep your dog guessing where the next ball will launch.

NOTE: GoDogGo is fully operational with different types & sizes of balls, SMALL to LARGE 1.75 - 2.5” in diameter; tennis balls, Racquet Balls, Chuckit, Kong, Westpaw Design, Rubber balls, plastic balls & many more.

Ball Return Locations - While most dogs quickly learn to return the ball to the top of bucket, on occasion a dog prefers to return ball directly o the ball pocket area. Should your dog prefer this method, always monitor your dog & teach to quickly move away from ball pocket / front of unit once ball is returned to bucket and/ or ball pocket area. It is recommended to train a dog to return the ball to the bucket for safest game of automatic fetch.

Both the GoDogGo G4 & JR Fetch Machines are now produced with our quietest & smoothest running gear system. As with any automatic ball machine or dog ball launcher, there will be sound the machine makes, however we are excited to offer the latest models with our quietest system ever.

4th Generation GoDogGo bucket design offers an ergonomic wide-mouth design for easy ball return. Ergo Bucket has new wider lip for easy carry & transport. Dogs easily drop ball in any location at top of wide mouth for independent play when desired. Bucket return is recommended for best & safest game of automatic fetch.

Convenient Remote Control is included with every Fetch Machine for use up to 50 feet from GoDogGo. Includes wrist lariat & button cell batteries. Remote use is optional & can be used to set time interval or when owner-controlled play is desired. Hand-remote allows owner to launch a ball when you want to play along or use during agility training, etc. to reward dog with a launched ball.

NOTE: GoDogGo works completely independent of remote when set on automatic mode; remote is not needed for independent dog play.

GoDogGo operates on 2 power sources for fetch play in different settings. Operates on AC Adapter & Battery Power. The type A plug Universal 100-240V Switching Power Supply adapter comes with 10 foot cord. The Universal Adapter allows for the Fetch Machine to work just about anywhere in the world to power GoDogGo Automatic Ball Thrower.

Main unit control panel with On / Off switch, time setting, & AC input.

GoDogGo G4 weighs 7 pounds & has an overall size of 13 x 13 x 16.75 inches.

GoDogGo JUNIOR weighs 5 pounds & has an overall size of 11 x 11 x 14 inches.

Wide lip for easy carry & transport.

GoDogGo is produced with superior quality components, materials & features to provide the longest and safest game of automatic fetch. As the both designer & manufacturer, we closely monitor components & production for quality control to insure our stringent quality requirements are strictly adhered to. We are able to make modifications as needed to improve function & design when necessary & are proud to be producing the 4th generation GoDogGo

GoDogGo, Inc. is proud to be an American owned & operated business since 1999. We are a 100% hands on family owned & operated business fully committed to the quality & function of our products. GoDogGo is highly recognized for it’s superior & “old fashioned” level of customer service & product support!

GoDogGo comes with our commitment to the customer & every Fetch Machine sold. At the top of our company policy is to provide superior customer service & product support. We hear often from our customers that they simply do not receive our level of service or product support anywhere else. At GoDogGo we simply would not have it any other way for our customers & their ball-crazy dogs.

GoDogGo has been enjoyed by Small, Medium & Large Dogs around the world since 1999. Now with 2 models, the standard GoDogGo G4 & the new GoDogGo JUNIOR, it is easy to find the perfect Fetch Machine for any size of ball-crazy dog. Whatever your dogs size & style of automatic play, GoDogGo is ready to play whenever your dog is ready to fetch!

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