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GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine cost is $179.99 GoDogGo

JUNIOR Fetch Machine cost is $149.99

The main difference between models are size and launch distance. Standard model GoDogGo G4 stands at 16.75”, launches balls 1.75” - 2.5” to 35+ feet depending on type and size of ball. GoDogGo JR launches balls 1.5” - 2.25” from 12-30+ feet and stands at a 13.75” height.

In the US GoDogGo sells the Fetch Machine direct to consumers

GoDogGo is available for shipping to countries outside the United States when purchased directly from our company. For purchase from a dealer outside the USA, see Authorized Independent Resellers below.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine is available through the AUTHORIZED RESELLERS below:

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GoDogGo Fetch Machine Automatic Dog ball Launcher has been produced for the past 18 years. We have been producing our patented GoDogGo Fetch Machine for dogs since 1999 keeping ball-crazy dogs and their owners happy, safe and healthy for nearly a decade. We are the inventors, patent holder and maker of the world's first automatic ball launcher designed specifically for dogs. GoDogGo has been continuously updated and modernized over the years with only the highest quality components. GoDogGo is certified with UL, CE, RoHS and CL certifications.

The Fetch Machine auto ball thrower has received numerous awards and accolades over the years and is a proud member of APPA

GoDogGo has proven to be Dogs Best Friend to many types of breeds and sizes of dogs from small to large. With GoDogGo's ability to be adjusted for distance and time intervals, most dogs that are fetch crazy can find the benefits it offers through exercise and entertainment. In addition we now offer a large assortment of Fetch Balls that will fit the needs and desired size for your ball-crazy pup.

GoDogGo automatic dog ball launcher is easy to carry with the wide lip bucket.

GoDogGo G4 is 15D x 13.5W x 16.75H and weight 11 pounds.

GoDogGo JR is 13D x 11.5W x 13.75H and weights 9 pounds.

GoDogGo can be used automatically when a time setting is selected. The Fetch Machine is designed with an Auto Stop Feature so it will not run unless a ball is loaded and ready to launch. Set GoDogGo to run so dog can play independently or use the remote control to launch the ball at will. It is not necessary to use the remote however to operate your GoDogGo.

Many dogs quickly learn to return the ball to the inside of the bucket. This allows for continuous fetch so your dog can play with or without you. Others prefer to load the bucket full and simply return the balls to the front of the machine. We include training tips with your owners manual as well as on our next page. Either way, Go Dog Go automatic ball thrower machine will provide hours of fetch fun!

Please follow our simple safety rules below for hours of fetching fun for both you and your dog. GoDogGo® ball launcher is not a child's toy and balls launch at high speeds. It is recommended to monitor your dog's waiting location and to teach your dog where to stand upon first use. Do not touch the safety sensor or kicking mechanism when the machine is on. Never allow your dog to take from or replace a ball to the launch pocket area.

GoDogGo comes with 3 Distance settings for various distances to meet your dog's best game of fetch.

Standard G4 launches approximately to 35+ ft based on ball type, brand, size & condition.

GoDogGo JR launches approximately to 30+ ft based on ball type, brand, size & condition.

Various balls, even the same style such as tennis balls, will result in different launch distances based on weight, size, brand and condition.

Please feel free to a href='mailto:'>contact us for ball recommendations to meet your dog's perfect game of automatic ball machine fetch play. We are happy to assist with any questions.GoDogGo is not intended to launch the ball as far as by hand or a hand-held launcher.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine is specifically designed for repetition of play and independent dog fetch when desired or owner-controlled play with remote. We often hear that dogs get tired much faster when fetching with GoDogGo than with other methods of fetch and ball play. Remote use is optional and not necessary for independent dog fetch.

17 standard tennis balls - 2.5 and 23 small – 1.5 fit into the G4 GoDogGo. 23 - 1.5 small tennis balls fit into the New GoDogGo Junior. NOTE that GoDogGo DOES NOT work with 3” or 4” inch balls.

GoDogGo can be used with many ball styles, sizes and brands depending on your dog's preference, type of play, desired launch distance and conditions of play area. GoDogGo is compatible with Chuckit, Kong, Tuff, racquet balls and more. Launch distance varies based on ball style, brand and weight. GoDogGo DOES NOT work with 3” or 4” inch balls. We are happy to make ball recommendations upon request to meet your dog's perfect game of on demand automatic interactive fetch.

Many customers use GoDogGo indoors with balls intended for indoor use and that have a lower launch height and distance. In the G4 Fetch Machine, the GoDogGo HeavyWeight Tennis Ball is used by many customers indoors, as well as the GlowBall.

Please feel free to contact us as we are happy to offer ball recommendations to meet your desired use. See below for more ball recommendations for indoor use.

Various balls can be used to achieve a lower launch height & distance to accommodate for indoor or extra small yard use. Note: A standard tennis ball, pressurized tennis ball, lightweight or high bounce results in a 10’+ launch height and will hit most ceilings.

GoDogGo JUNIOR is designed with a lower launch height and distance so many balls will have a launch height less than 9’. With a minimum launch height of 9 feet and 12-30+ feet, the JR is a good choice for indoor and outdoor use for dogs that use balls less than 2.5”. *Launch height is based on using the machine on low setting and with 1.875” HeavyWeight GoDogGo ball.

BALL EXAMPLES to REDUCE LAUNCH DISTANCE & HEIGHT on LOW Setting (Distances are approximate and vary depending on inner spring tension tolerance):.

The Fetch Machine has a quiet gear wind up sound as GoDogGo prepares to launch, then a thwack sound when the ball is launched.

Most dogs take to GoDogGo very quickly for automatic ball play, however some dogs may take a few introductory lessons as they get use to the new form and function of fetch.

We are happy to offer additional training tips, however most dogs take to the Fetch Machine upon introduction or within a few training sessions for hours of independent, on demand fetch whenever they want to play.

Each GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine operates on power with AC Adapter and can also be used with Batteries . With 6 x D size batteries, GoDogGo will run for approximately 25 hours.

Every new GoDogGo Fetch Machine comes with a 6-month Limited Warranty, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Restock fee applies to all Contiguous US Order.

Orders OUTSIDE US Lower 48 & INTERNATIONAL Orders: Original shipping is NOT refundable & Return shipping is at customer expense. Restock fee waived for orders outside Lower 48 & International orders.

Standard replacement parts are available, i.e. spring, pull-ring, kicker, pin, sensor switch, as well as AC adapter and remote on the product page. Find standard replacement parts Warranty and Policy.

30-Day Return Policy - Returned or exchanged items must be in like new, resalable condition with ALL packaging & components for a refund less the $25 Restocking Fee. If product is not returned with all packaging, components & in clean, like-new condition an additional fee may be assessed. A $25 restock fee applies to all Fetch Machine Orders. GoDogGo to provide Pre-Paid Shipping Label.