Setup & Use Instructions

Thank you for choosing the Original Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs. GoDogGo is the world’s first Fetch Machine and original remote controlled automatic ball launcher designed for dogs! GoDogGo is designed to provide hours of healthy exercise and fetching fun for you to share with your pet.

Please read the OWNERS MANUAL prior to using your GoDogGo Fetch Machine.



GoDogGo comes with an AC Adapter and can also be used with D size batteries for 2 power source options. Batteries not included..
  • If using AC ADAPTER connect the end of cord to the AC input on the control panel and then plug into the wall outlet. Do not use the adapter when batteries are installed, use only one power type.
  • If using BATTERY POWER install 6 size D batteries in the compartment located on the bottom of the unit. Disconnect AC adapter from outlet. Do not use battery power when plugged in; use 1 power source only.
Once you have determined where you will exercise your pet with GoDogGo adjust the unit’s distance and time settings. The following conditions will determine how you will set the distance and launch interval settings.

It is recommended not exercise your dog in extreme heat or cold; always consider your dog's health for the safest game of automatic fetch.


    1. Size of fetch area or yard
    2. Physical condition of your pet

Determine the distance you wish to launch the ball from 15’ to 35’+ then make the distance adjustment on the bottom of the unit. Then set the time setting to either the 4, 7 or 15 second interval. It is recommended to begin by using the 7 or 15 second interval as a dog get's use to the new form of ball play.

GoDogGo may be used with a variety of ball sizes, styles and brands for various launch distances for both indoor and outdoor use. Launch distance will vary depending on the ball size, brand, weight and condition.
GoDogGo is designed to launch balls approximately 15 to 35+ feet at 4, 7 or 15 second intervals.

NOTE: Launch distance will be affected by the condition and type of ball used; i.e. WET or OLD balls do not perform as well as NEW, DRY hi-pressure balls. TEMPERATURE is also a factor as warmer conditions cause the air inside pressurized balls to expand which contributes to longer launch distances. Longer launch distances require more time for the dog to retrieve the ball. The setting will also depend on your pet’s abilities. When loading the bucket of GoDogGo, the maximum ball count is 17 with full size balls or 25 with small size balls. Overloading the bucket may result in balls binding up in the bucket or along the track.