Training Tips

Most ball-crazy dogs learn very quickly to return ball to bucket for more independent play when desired. When fetching with GoDogGo, dog often tires much faster as compared to hand fetch, as well as the sound/action of GoDogGo has a Pavlovian Effect on dogs as they learn to respond as they anticipate next ball launch based on sound.

For independent or bucket return play, it is recommended to use 1 ball, especially during training. This will teach dog that ball must be returned to bucket to activate next ball launch. Once dog has returned ball to bucket, train go to move to desired wait position. Many dogs instinctively move away from GoDogGo as they anticipate next launch. It is recommend to teach a neutral waiting position approximately 2 feet from GoDogGo.

Encourage bucket return by tapping on the top of the unit wile saying the word 'bucket'.If dog needs coaxing upon first introduction, walk dog back to unit & with dog’s head over bucket use command release. Ball may need to be gently removed from mouth while releasing ball in bucket & give praise 'releasing' to bucket. This command will help dog learn desired expectation. Always offer positive reinforcement for desired behavior. If dog will not return ball directly to bucket, some dogs prefer to play with GoDogGo bucket fully loaded with balls. Dog will then fetch & return ball to front of unit or designated ball return area. This is still a great workout & fun way for your dog to fetch independently with multiple balls.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine is specifically designed for repetition of play and independent dog fetch when desired or owner-controlled play with remote. We often hear that dogs get tired much faster when fetching with GoDogGo than with other methods of fetch and ball play. Remote use is optional and not necessary for independent dog fetc.

Although most ball-crazy dog take to GoDogGo very quickly, on occasion a dog may be tentative about launch sound or action that comes with this new form of fetch. A hesitant dog that loves ball fetch will typically warm up quickly with just a few introductions. Show your dog how much fun YOU are having & play along by fetching & returning ball if needed. Be sure to offer positive reinforcement as you introduce dog.

If dog appears hesitant upon initial use start off slowly by using GoDogGo for a few launches a few times a day. Hesitant dogs typically need only a few sessions for 1-3 days to understand GoDogGo is nothing to be afraid of. Do not force your dog as this may cause nervousness; a few calm sessions will help your dog understand this new method of fetch & what it will do for them. If dog responds to treat rewards, use as needed until desired type of play is achieved.

You may want to start training with unit turned OFF. However, it is recommended to turn unit on as quickly as possible so dog understands sound/function is part of this new game.

Drop ball in bucket, let it roll down channel, then pick ball out by hand & toss to fetch area. Once ball has been retrieved, give commands like bucket while pointing to/tapping on bucket, then say bucket and/or release. Repeat commands during short training sessions. This will also encourage bucket return for independent play when dog becomes accustom to GoDogGo.

If dog will not return to unit, gently lead to GoDogGo. Repeat above by tossing ball for retrieval & return & then with next use until dog is comfortable. Turn ON GoDogGo for ball launch when dog is ready & give commands for retrieval & return as needed.

With 1 ball, dog can play in outfield where ball land as they get use to sound/function. After dog retrieves ball have him return ball to bucket. There will not be any sound, due to Auto Stop feature as your dog approaches unit because motor will not run until ball is returned to bucket & in ready position. Once dog has returned ball have him immediately run to outfield again. This should acclimate dog to GoDogGo to see there is nothing to fear.

Train dog to return ball to desired area in order to achieve style of play desired. Some dogs prefer to return ball to front of unit & play with bucket fully loaded for continuous fetch of 17-25 balls while others prefer to play with 1 ball.