World's Original Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs


Customer Videos

Buddy the Rescue Dog
goes CRAZY for his green bucket GoDogGo ball launcher.

Harleys GoDogGo FetchMachine
Harley and companion playing with their new GoDogGo FetchMachine.

Belly and the GoDogGo
Belly plays with her 1st birthday present!

Puppy Ping Pong with the New GoDogGo Fetch Machine!
We're avidly testing the new 4-second delay on the upgraded GoDogGo! automatic fetch machine, and P'ber loves it!

George and his GoDogGo
George is my super smart dog. His favorite toy is his automatic fetching machine called a "Go Dog Go" ... want one?
Press Videos

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GoDogGo in Action
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Pet Tech: Litter-Robot and GoDogGo
Hosts AJ Vickery and Graham Williams take a look at some of the newest innovations in pet tech including the GoDogGo FetchMachine.

GoDogGo in Action
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Ollie's Corner
GoDogGo Fetch Machine is an on demand for fetch-crazy dogs!

KING5 News
Northwest News coverage on KING TV recently featured GoDogGo.